Club Shooting
In the 10-shot competition, Analin Rudd recorded a new PB of 97.5 to take top honours in the lower grades. Close behind her were Chris Dunning with an estimated 97.3 and Ben Dunning with an estimated 96.3. Mark Riley top scored in B Grade with an estimated 97.3. In the higher grades, Erin Little scored highest with 100.4 ahead of Evan Little's 99.4.
It's great to see several of our newer members keeping up with the 20-shot competition, and the results speak for themselves. Kate Yu recorded a new PB of 189.5 while Analin Rudd also shot well, scoring 189.7. Overall, Meredith Ackrill's 197.8 was the highest 20-shot of the night.
Wellington v Horowhenua v Hutt Valley Open
The Wellington v Horowhenua and Wellington v Hutt Valley Open matches were shot on Saturday. Combining the two matches into one event made it a social occasion and a good use of the weekend originally meant to be hosting Teams of Ten. It was a successful afternoon for Wellington. The team's score of 3905.189 just edged out Horowhenua's 3904.175 and convincingly beat Hutt Valley's 3878.180. Top shot for Wellington and second overall was Bex Baines with 399.27 - great shooting!

Please note upcoming events:
  • Thursday 19 May, 7:30pm: NDC Round 2
    • Open Team: Meredith Ackrill, Bex Baines, Evan Little, Stephen Thessman
    • Composite Team: Finn Ashby, Erin Little
    • Emergencies: Mark Riley, Inge Little, Analin Rudd, Kate Yu
  • Saturday 21 May: Poroutawhau Open Champs 
  • Sunday 22 May: Week 1 of Round 2, Club Competition
  • Tuesday 24 May: Interclub Round 2 (teams TBC)
  • Saturday 28 May: Taranaki Open Champs
  • Sunday 29 May: Hawera Open Champs
  • Sunday 29 May:  Week 2 of Round 2, Club Competition
Club Shooting
The first of this season's afternoon visitors' sessions was a great success with 11 newbies coming along to try out the sport. Many thanks to our members who helped run the session. Several of the visitors expressed interest in coming back for another go, so we may see them at on Sunday.  Our first squad starts at 6:30pm.
Many of our members used the break week in the Club Competition to get their Closed Champs cards completed and to catch up on club competition cards. Top shot in C Grade was Kate Yu with 96.2 ahead of Analin Rudd's estimated 94.1. 97.3 was the score of the night for our B Graders with Clive Brodie, Dianne Grain and Mark Riley all achieving it. The competition was equally fierce in the higher grades. Both Meredith Ackrill and Megan Brodie scored 100.6 but top honours went to Bex Baines by two inners for her 100.8. Bex continued to demonstrate how it's done in the 20 shots, scoring 200.13 to round out a phenomenal night (and get herself on the cake roster 3 times!).
Round 1 of interclub was a clean sweep for Brooklyn. Our C Grade team recorded a convincing win against Wellington Central, scoring 371.9 against their 360.6. Top shot for Brooklyn was Finn Ashby with 97.5. B Grade was a closer match but our 381.7 beat South Wellington's 377.8. Top shot for Brooklyn was Mark Baines with 98.3. Our Open team also recorded a convincing win against Wellington Central, scoring 787.44 against their 764.32. Top shot for Brooklyn was Meredith Ackrill with 198.12.
Wellington Central Open Champs
The Wellington Central Open Champs was held on Saturday 7 May. Analin Rudd attended and scored 183.10 to place 2nd in C Grade - congratulations!
Please note upcoming events:
  • Saturday 14 May, 1pm: Wellington vs Horowhenua vs Hutt Valley: Meredith Ackrill, Erin Little, David Grain, Evan Little, Bex Baines, Stephen Thessman. Emergency: Mark Baines
  • Sunday 15 May, 6:30pm: catch-up week for the Club Competition, Round 1 Closed Champs due
  • Thursday 19 May, 7:30pm: NDC Round 2 (teams named 14 May)
  • Saturday 21 May: Poroutawhau Open Champs 
  • Sunday 22 May: Week 1 of Round 2, Club Competition
Club Shooting
It was a competitive night at the club with many great scores shot. Gigi Green Hancock's 92.0 was best off the rest followed by Jessica Greening's 87.1. In C Grade, both Analin Rudd and Kate Yu shot 94.3. Inge Little's 99.6 led B Grade ahead of Mark Baines' 97.4 and Dianne Grain's 97.3. In the higher grades only an inner separated the top three scores, with Erin Little shooting 99.7 and both Meredith Ackrill and David Grain shooting 99.6.
Analin Rudd shot a new 20-shot PB of 191.6 - congratulations! The top 20-shot of the night was Meredith Ackrill's 199.14 followed by Erin Little's 197.12 and David Grain's 197.9.
Round 1 of the National District Champs was shot on Thursday night. It was a tough start to the competition with Wellington having a double header against the Plainsmen and Eastern Force. We won the Open section against both teams but unfortunately were beaten in the Composite and Juniors. This gained Wellington 10 points and places us in the middle of the ladder at the end of the first round. Top shot from Brooklyn was David Grain with 295.19.
Please note upcoming events:
  • Tuesday 3 May: Interclub Round 1 
    • C Grade, 7:45pm: Finn Ashby, Analin Rudd, Kate Yu, Ewan Mirza
    • B Grade: 8:15pm: Finn Ashby, Mark Baines, Clive Brodie, Mark Riley. Emergency: Inge Little
    • Open: 8:45pm: Meredith Ackrill, Erin Little, Evan Little, David Grain. Emergency: Stephen Thessman
  • Wednesday 4 May: Firearms Regulations Submissions due
  • Saturday 7 May: Wellington Central Open Champs
  • Sunday 8 May, 3pm: BSRC visitors’ session 
  • Sunday 8 May, 6:30pm: catch-up week, Club Competition
  • Saturday 14 May, 1pm: Wellington vs Horowhenua vs Hutt Valley (teams named Saturday 7 May)
  • Sunday 15 May, 3pm: BSRC visitors' session (TBC)
  • Sunday 15 May, 6:30pm: catch-up week, Club Competition, Round 1 Closed Champs due
Club Shooting
There was a good turnout at the club on Easter Sunday and some good shooting too. Analin Rudd's 95.2 led C Grade ahead of Ben Dunning's 94.4. In B Grade, Clive Brodie's 98.4 was a point higher than Mark Riley's 97.4. David Grain scored 100.6 to be overall top shot of the night ahead of Bex Baines' 99.6 and Megan Brodie's 99.4. 
Many of our members completed 20-shot targets. The practice is paying off for our second year college shooters with both Analin Rudd and Kate Yu scoring 187.6. In the higher grades, Megan Brodie and Erin Little shared top honours, both scoring 197.10.
Bulls Open Champs
Several Brooklyn members travelled to Palmerston North on Saturday to compete in the Bulls Open Champs. It was a very successful trip. Megan Brodie scored 298.18 to place 2nd in Master Grade. She then went on to shoot 197.14 in the final, placing her 6th overall. Erin Little scored 294.16 to place 3rd in A Grade. Congratulations both!
Please note upcoming events:
  • Saturday 23 April: Rangitikei Open Champs (shot on electronic targets)
  • Sunday 24 April: Week 4 of Round 1, Club Competition
  • Thursday 28 April, 7:30pm: NDC Round 1 (teams named Saturday 23 April)
  • Saturday 30 April: Masterton Open Champs
Club shooting
Our new shooters continue to improve dramatically. Gigi, Jessica and Johnson all scored new PBs (91.2, 90.1 and 82.2 respectively). Ewan Mirza led C Grade with 94.1 followed by Finn Ashby and Jack Day, who both scored 93.2. Inge Little's 98.6 was top of B Grade ahead of Jaz Hamilton's 95.3. In the higher grades, Evan Little top scored with 98.7, one inner ahead of Stephen Thessman's 98.6. Erin Little's 199.14 was the top 20-shot of the night.
Venturers social shoot
Last Tuesday the Karori Venturers came along for a social shoot. With 30 people attending it was a busy night, but generated some good income for the club. Many thanks to everyone who helped with coaching, range officering, marking, and everything else that's needed for these social shoots to run smoothly. Richard, the Venturers leader, said the night is one of the highlights of their year!
Open Championships
The second Open Champs of the season is this weekend in Palmerston North, followed by the Rangitikei Open in Marton next week.  Marton is a unique experience as it has electronic targets, providing immediate, automated scoring via a screen on the mound for each shooter.
For those who missed this introduction a couple of weeks ago: Open Championships are a great way to get experience in competition shooting and to meet the wider shooting community. Open Championships are listed on the BSRC calendar  These individual competitions are held most weekends at ranges around the North Island. They are open to TSNZ affiliated members who are shooting in the sling and jacket. If you are using club equipment and would like to attend one, ask around the licenced members of the club to see if anyone is going who could transport your gear for you.
Please note upcoming events:
  • Saturday 16 April: Bulls Open Champs
  • Sunday 17 April: membership form and fees due
  • Sunday 17 April: Week 3 of Round 1, Club Competition
  • Saturday 23 April: Rangitikei Open Champs (shot on electronic targets)
  • Thursday 28 April, 7:30pm: NDC Round 1 (teams named Saturday 23 April)